Every application packaged, deployed, installed and managed consistently on every device.


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Consistent application experiences across every device

Application packaging is the process of binding the relevant files and components to build a customised application for a fleet of end-user devices.

Application Packaging is part of our Managed EUC service and allows you to outsource everything involved in the app packaging process. This includes planning, packaging delivery, and on-going management.

With an app packaging solution in place, your corporate apps will work seamlessly after every install on every managed device.

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What's included?

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VM provisioning

Provisioning of virtual machines for application packaging and testing.

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Tool configuration

Configuration of packaging tools within the environment.

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Best practice standards

Provision of Fastrack’s best practice packaging standards.

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Templates and workflows

Creation of templates and workflows.

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Windows images

Creation of windows images, representative of your SOE including relevant group policies.

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On-demand app packaging

Provision of an online form for new application packaging requests.


Benefits of Application Packaging

With a Fastrack Application Packaging solution in place, you can expect a few benefits.

  • Users require little or no help from IT help desk to download and install corporate applications.
  • Users can easily download and install new applications on-demand.
  • Decreased risk of misconfigured apps in your device environment.
  • Simplification of on-boarding process for new users.
  • Increase stability and reliability of corporate applications.
  • Allows your IT team to focus on what they do best.

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