Optimising multi-cloud architecture and
cloud-to-cloud routing

About this webinar

👁️ Watch time: 1 hour
💡  Topics: Network, Connectivity, Microsoft Azure, AWS, ExpressRoute, CloudConnect™

With organisations demanding services across multiple cloud providers, most IT pros should be considering how to deploy a 'hybrid' or 'multi-cloud' strategy.

However, hybrid and multi-cloud environments present new challenges to infrastructure performance, cost, application development and IT operations overall.

In this webinar, we'll demonstrate practical ways you can optimise your connections to Azure, AWS, Google Cloud and 180 other cloud providers while addressing key challenges during your transition.


The panel


Yoni Kirsh

Managing Director, Fastrack Technology


Michael Trifilo

Michael Trifilo

Systems Administrator, Fastrack Technology


Bilal Chishti

Bilal Chishti

Systems Administrator, Fastrack Technology


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