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A slow or unreliable internet connection can derail even the very best cloud solutions. Our internet, or 'IP transit' services provides enterprises with a simple solution that eliminates the stress, challenges and problems associated with internet at an enterprise level.


Key features


Speeds up to 10Gbps

Get the preposterous speeds you read in the brochure.

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Data Usage

Unlimited data usage at cost-effective rates.

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Shortest latency to 100+ various Enterprise product vendors.

Flexible termination

Flexible termination

Flexible termination points and delivery from either your office or any Fastrack connected data centre.

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Next-level reach

We include direct connections to over 500 networks globally.

Static or dynamic routing

Static or dynamic routing

Both static and dynamic routing protocol - including BGP - are available.

Highest Availability


High availability guarantee with a service level target of 99.9%.

Local 24x7 support

Local 24x7

Our support engineers are always available and never overseas. Our Network Operations Centre (NOC) can fix network issues quickly and courteously. 

Monitoring & reporting

Monitoring &

We provide extensive monitoring and reporting options to ensure you have a comprehensive view of internet performance.

More benefits

Our super-fast internet comes with all the bells and whistles you’d expect, and a few that you didn’t.

Static routing for single connections

If you need a single connection to the Internet, we can deploy static routing for your network route advertisement to the Internet.

BGP routing for multiple connections

If you have multiple diverse links to the Internet, BGP routing is configured as part of your service and can be used to announce your routes to the Internet.

Access to 500+ global networks

Our enterprise Internet infrastructure is extensive. It includes direct connections to over 500 networks globally and we’re continually optimising connections to ensure the lowest latency and best throughput.




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