Our end-user computing services are a collection of services that reduce the complexity of modern collaboration and productivity tools while keeping your users connected to the cloud.

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What is End-User Compute?

The introduction of BYOD, mobile working practices and cloud computing have unleashed the productivity and collaboration potential of our users.

With this new-found freedom, our users are continuously re-imagining the way they work. It's genuinely exciting times to be an end-user, but for IT pros like us, we need the skills and technology to ensure our devices and apps are up to the challenge.

Our collection of services reduces the complexity of modern collaboration and productivity tools while keeping our users connected to the cloud and above all, secure.







Migration, project and consulting services

We migrate and integrate your critical hardware, applications, and files to your new modern environment – fast – so you can pick up where you left off. 

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Managed End-User Compute

End-user Compute (EUC) is the Fastrack service that LAUNCHES your move to Microsoft 365. 

EUC helps you move from your on-premises solution and ancient licensing model to Microsoft 365, package your apps so they work every time, keep your devices up-to-date with the most recent features and security, so you can focus on more interesting stuff.

EUC is also your Managed Microsoft 365 solution. After moving to EUC you’ll find your core productivity and collaboration platform is always evolving and you’ll never need to invest in specialised internal resources to keep Microsoft 365 running smoothly.

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How do YOU KNOW, WE KNOW what we're talking about?

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Security breaches are almost inevitable. No matter how educated your team is, without the right processes, systems and software in place, your business is vulnerable.

To be truely secure, your business must protect itself from the critical attack vectors, including: devices, email, network, and user credentials.

Our security team can assess your security posture across all these vectors, setup a Security Operations Centre to proactively monitor your environment and provide a custom solution to solve a unique security challenge you're experiencing.

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Telephony & Video Conferencing

Not all telephony and video conferencing systems are created equal.

Poor voice quality, unreliable connectivity, and security vulnerabilities are often present in your run-of-the-mill systems.

Fastrack Telephony and Video Conferencing systems use best-of-breed technology (Logitech), software (Microsoft Teams) and connectivity to keep your telephony as smooth as a jazz chorus line. 

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IT Support

Most of the services involved in EUC require specialist skills to support. In the unlikely event of an emergency (computers am-I-right?), you need a support team that can scale its efforts to meet the emergency, and ultimately solve the problem efficiently. 

We’ll provide support remotely, via phone, email, web portal or on-site 24/7/365 so you can focus on what matters most, (for those playing at home) your business.