Whether you need help optimising your internal network, establishing direct connectivity to cloud services providers, or something in between, we have a best of breed solution for you.

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Connectivity & Network services

When users can access more cloud services, they're more agile, collaborative and productive.

BUT, as you adopt more cloud providers, challenges to performance, application development and scalability arise.

Our connectivity and network services are built to connect you to the services you need in a fast, scalable and simplistic way.



Managed services

Our connectivity and network services are built for enterprise, mid-market and small business.

Enterprise-grade Internet

Enterprise Internet is for medium and large-sized organisations whose operations heavily depend on a super-fast, reliable and dedicated connection to the internet. We’ve optimised our routing for connections for all the cloud services that Australian businesses will need today and tomorrow.

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CloudConnect™ provides direct connectivity to Azure, Google, AWS and 180+ cloud services providers. It bypasses the internet making your connection to cloud providers faster, more cost-effective and more reliable.

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Ethernet services

Fastrack Ethernet provides end-to-end layer 2 connectivity between geographically dispersed sites such as data centres, offices or sites with extraordinary performance.

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Cloud vRouter

The Fastrack Cloud vRouter is an IP-based virtual appliance that equips you with routing capabilities for on-demand private layer 3 connectivity. You can use your Fastrack Cloud vRouter to connect to the Internet, Fastrack Ethernet services, 180+ cloud service providers and the rest of your WAN.

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Managed WAN

Our Managed WAN services allows you to outsource the design and management of your Wide Area Network (WAN). We manage every element of your WAN and proactively detect and solve network challenges to eliminate user disruptions.

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Managed Firewall

Our Managed Firewall service monitors and addresses threats your network traffic. We establish what safe baseline traffic looks like so we can easily identify and rectify abnormal internal network behaviour. Our network engineers provide ongoing monitoring, analysis and reporting to ensure your corporate data remains secure.

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Managed Load Balancer

Do your web applications or websites become disrupted or unavailable when they experience slightly higher volumes of traffic than normal?

Our Managed Load Balancing service saves your services from disruption by utilising local, global and geographic routing. Our service also includes smart and automated failover, intelligent reporting and on-going optimisation to ensure your critical resources are continuously available.

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Managed Azure ExpressRoute

We manage your dedicated private connection to Microsoft Azure. Because your ExpressRoute connection will not traverse the public internet, you'll experience faster speeds, lower latencies, higher security and better reliability when connecting to critical Microsoft solutions, like Office 365, Azure IaaS and PaaS clouds. 

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Managed AWS Direct Connect

We deploy, configure and manage your AWS Direct Connect service on your behalf, so you can have reliable and fast connections to your AWS workloads.

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Explore the benefits of SD-WAN architecture.

With SD-WAN, organisations can simply and quickly add, modify or remove network connectivity, improve security capabilities and reduce costs with virtualized edge devices.

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Network Operation Centre (NOC)

In the unlikely event something breaks, our Network Operations Centre (NOC) has your back.

NOC customers can contact the support team Monday to Friday, from 8am until 6pm AEST/AEDT. For ‘priority 1 incidents’, we’re available 24/7 365 days a year. We’ll provide support remotely, via phone, email, web portal or on-site. 

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