Maximise your workload performance, help prevent overload and give your users a seamless experience with Managed Load Balancer.

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Protect against over-utilisation with Managed Load Balancer.

Websites, web apps and APIs can break when rapid spikes in traffic hit servers.

Managed Load Balancing safeguards your organisation from disruption with geographic routing, traffic load balancing and intelligent failover during peak utilisation periods.

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Key features and benefits

Horizontal scaling 

When web applications experience a drastic increase in traffic, your Managed Load Balancers intelligently steer traffic to maintain up-time.

Improved end-user experience

Increase the consistency of your application and network performance to keep your end-users happy.

Connectivity to Microsoft cloud services

Zero down-time

Ensure business continuity by improving the availability of your mission-critical applications.

Expert configuration and deployment

Our network and connectivity team will quickly deploy and configure your Load Balancer and account for the unique requirements of your environment.

99.9% SLA


Your Load Balancers will be monitored 24x7x365 and any issues will be immediately responded to by our network and connectivity team.

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