Sometimes you just need a physical presence in a best of breed data centre.

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Infrastructure & Server services

Highly available server and IT infrastructure services that give you the flexibility and control your business needs. 


Managed services

Cloud compute and colocation services built for enterprise, mid-market and small business.
Cloud Compute

Cloud Compute

A highly customisable cost-effective alternative to the major cloud computing vendors. We can easily scale your virtual CPUs, storage and RAM up or down as your needs change so your compute can grow with you.

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Get the benefits of moving off-premises while keeping the physical hardware under your ownership and control. We manage your IT at the hardware level - power and internet supply, changing discs and housing - but all data and content are managed by your internal teams.

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Disaster Recovery & Backups

The ability to recover your data in the event of a critical failure of your IT infrastructure is essential for any business serious about IT. We formulate a recovery and systematic backup plan so you can quickly get your business moving in the event of a disaster or critical incident.


Still using the Internet to connect to cloud services? 

Learn how to avoid the internet (and outrageous network traffic congestion) using direct cloud connections. 

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Not sure what you need?

Have a unique IT infrastructure or server challenge you need solved? 

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Fastrack Insights

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