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Modern workplace invites modern threats

The way teams work has changed.

Public and private cloud apps are ubiquitous in the modern workplace, while most users have deserted the desktop for tablets, mobile phones and laptops. Teams now work at home, the park, Maccas and sometimes even at work!

The bottom line is, the reach of your network has widened, and so has your attack surface.

Only a comprehensive, next-generation Managed Firewall that can meet this challenge head-on.




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Fight-back with Managed Firewall

A Fastrack Managed Firewall service monitors and addresses threats to your network traffic. It protects your organisation from viruses, malicious attacks, unauthorised access and inappropriate use.

Managed Firewall establishes what safe baseline traffic looks like and identifies and remediates abnormal internal network behaviour.

Our network engineers provide ongoing monitoring, analysis and reporting to ensure your corporate data remains secure.

Key features

Next-gen firewall technology

Next-gen firewall technology

A modern integrated firewall solution provides intrusion protection and application security.

Content filtering


With a comprehensive threat database, Managed Firewall blocks user access to malicious or questionable sites.

Application control


Block or rate-limit pre-defined non-business applications or non-business application features that are bandwidth-heavy.

Choice of hardware vendors

Choice of hardware vendors

Choose the hardware vendor or lean on us for a recommendation. 

Professional management

Professional management

We design, configure and implement your solution and provide ongoing management of security policies and devices across your environment.

Around the clock monitoring

Around the clock monitoring

24x7 monitoring and alerts stops threats from becoming incidents.

Managed Firewall benefits

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Enhance your security

Access data from private and public clouds, on any device, without fear your team stumbling onto encrypted malware.

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Managed Firewall is competitively priced with flexibility to suit any sized organisation.

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Dedicated network security team

With Managed Firewall in place, a dedicated network team manages your security so you can focus on non-BAU tasks.

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Tailored to your needs

We don't take a one-size-fits-all approach. We consider the unique requirements of your environment, team and data when deploying, configuring and managing your firewall.

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