Best-of-breed technology (Logitech), software (Microsoft Teams) and connectivity to keep your telephony as smooth as a jazz chorus line.


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Not all telephony and video conferencing systems are created equal.

Poor voice quality, unreliable connectivity, and security vulnerabilities are often present in your run-of-the-mill systems.

Fastrack Telephony and Video Conferencing systems use best-of-breed technology (Logitech), software (Microsoft Teams) and connectivity to keep your telephony as smooth as a jazz chorus line.






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Microsoft Teams Voice

Microsoft Teams is a great way to collaborate internally, but what if you need to communicate with those pesky people outside your business?

Simple and intuitive landline and mobile calling via Microsoft Teams has arrived!

Microsoft Teams Voice by Fastrack gives you unlimited calls to Australian numbers and all the features you expect from traditional enterprise telephony including, toll-free numbers, number porting and more.

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Video conference solutions

The modern workplace is all about collaboration.

We've partnered with Logitech to bring you the most advanced video conferencing solutions that enables you to meet with your team the same way, regardless of where you are.

Logitech advanced video conferencing solutions let your teams talk, share files and screens, and whiteboard ideas.

We're in the business of making your meetings seamless, productive, and fun.

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cloud telephony


Cloud Telephony

Staff and customers expect to do business by utilising voice calls, email, voice mail and instant messaging platforms.

Fastrack’s Cloud Telephony solution creates a cost-effective, more integrated way for staff to communicate.

Cloud Telephony combines voice, instant messaging and voice messaging into a single communications platform streamed via the internet. Create an environment where your people, not devices, are the center-point of collaboration.

IT Support

In the unlikely event of an emergency (computers am-I-right?), you need a support team that can scale its efforts to meet the emergency, and ultimately solve the problem efficiently. 

Can provide support for all video conferencing and telephony services. Our services are delivered remotely, via phone, email, web portal or on-site 24/7/365 so you can focus on what matters most, (for those playing at home) your business.