Achieve millisecond latency to Microsoft, Google & 180+ services.


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Achieve millisecond latency to Office 365, Azure & 180+ services

CloudConnect™ provides direct connectivity to Office 365 and over 180 additional cloud services.

CloudConnect™ bypasses the internet, so it can provide faster, cost-effective and more reliable connectivity designed to deliver an enhanced user experience for cloud-based applications.

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Avoid the using the Internet for cloud connectivity.

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Traditional network infrastructure doesn't meet the demands of cloud services.

When you bolt cloud services to legacy network systems, the sheer number of hops data takes between desktops and mission-critical cloud-services results in poor latency and slow throughput.

Not to mention lost productivity to anyone trying to use those cloud services.

Why CloudConnect™?

CloudConnect™ eliminates the problem of latency and poor network performance by delivering a high-bandwidth connection directly between end-users and your cloud services provider.

Whether you need to connect to Microsoft, AWS, Google Cloud or even Netflix, we can streamline data delivery.

Our network ninjas are always working behind the scenes to slice through bottlenecks and ensure your bits, bytes and terabytes get where they need to be − fast.

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Fast and direct connections to 180+ cloud services


Connect to 180+ cloud services, including:

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Microsoft Azure

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Office 365

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Microsoft Teams

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Amazon Web Services


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Google Cloud

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Connect to 180+ other cloud services

Can't find your cloud services provider?

Our list of connected cloud services providers is constantly growing.

Speak to an expert to see if your cloud services provider is supported by CloudConnect™.

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CloudConnect™ features

  • Flexible bandwidth options.
  • Unmetered network connectivity.
  • Secure connection with dedicated network links per customer.
  • 99.95% SLA.
  • Highly available service with multiple data centres in Australia and two dedicated routers per customer.
  • Single connection to multiple cloud services.
  • Basic firewall service.
  • Optional Fastrack Monitoring services - lite, standard and advanced options.
  • 24x7 technical support.
  • Design, configuration and installation service.


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