Best of breed hardware, from PCs, accessories to servers and switches, and everything in between.

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Hardware by Fastrack

We've partnered with the world's best vendors to bring your end-to-end hardware so you can create a digital workplace that's as awesome as your organisation.

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Hardware solutions

Hardware built for enterprise, mid-market and small business.

Yawarra Tiny Computers

Now part of the Fastrack family, Yawarra Tiny Computers (you can expect a rebrand shortly) is our brand of remarkably powerful, compact, reliable, fanless and highly customisable computers. Because they are open-source devices, they can be used for firewalls, VPN routing, internet gateways and much more.

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video conference

Video conferencing solutions

We've partnered with Logitech to bring you the most advanced video conferencing solutions that enables you to meet with your team the same way, regardless of where you are.

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Desktop & laptops

Desktop & laptops

Sick of chasing the best deals on PC and Laptop hardware every time you onboard a new team member or upgrade a device? Our PC and laptop procurement services guarantees the best pricing on your favourite vendors, whether it be Microsoft, HP, Samsung or many more.

Desktop and laptop accessories

Desktop and laptop accessories

We'll source your best-of-breed mice, keyboards, headsets, dongles and much more - for the best possible price - so you can focus on more important tasks.

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