Upgrade your Enterprise to Windows 10 

Migrate your enterprise OS to Windows 10

With regular support for Windows 7 ending on 14th of January 2020, now is the time to start planning your migration. 

What do we offer?

Windows 10 will play a vital role in your business in the coming years; meaning the success of your migration will have implications for years to come.

*Note we do not service home computers.

Windows 10 Proof of Concept

Proof of concept

We'll build a working Windows 10 "Proof of Concept" image in order to map out the initial process your team will need to work through for production deployment.
Windows 10 Pilot deployment

Pilot deployment

We'll deliver a pilot-ready Windows 10 image, which will demonstrate user and hardware readiness, outline deployment scheduling and reporting for a Windows 10 pilot.
Windows 10 Deployment

Production deployment

We've deployed thousands of systems and our consultants have the in-depth experience to ensure the success of your production Windows 10 roll out.
Migrate from Windows 7

Migrate from Windows 7

With support for Windows 7 running out in January 2020, we've already helped countless organisations plan and execute their move to Windows 10.

Windows 10 patching

Windows 10 patching

As new software updates become available, we’ll assess, test and deploy them to ensure your OS is healthy and secure.

SOE design

Reduce the cost and time to deploy and manage end-user devices, at scale with a future proof SOE design ready for Windows 10.

Group policy configuration

Group policy configuration

With thousands of customisable settings, from password expiration to application permissions, we ensure your group policies are optimised to realise the full potential of Windows 10.
Task sequence configuration

Task sequence configuration

Whether you need task sequences for new device deployment or need to import sequences from your previous OS - we deploy a set of sequences to simplify future updates.
App compatibility & remediation

App compatibility & remediation

Your core business apps must work with Windows 10, so we create an on-going strategy for enabling application compatibility.

Need something else?

Windows 10 Management

Are your IT team Windows 10 experts? We are. Outsource management of Windows 10 and ensure your users have access to the best productivity features, while keeping their credentials and data secure.

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Complete Desktop Management

Our Desktop Management solution includes everything from initial deployment of ConfigMgr and Microsoft Intune, to a comprehensive Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution.

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PC Management with Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune can also be used to manage PCs running Windows 10. An ideal solution for organisations with less than 200 users or those looking to minimise PC customisations.

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What's next?

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